Life Predictions


This Natal Astrology service for any specific concerns that may be bothering you Regarding your Future. from Birth date, Time and place-I Will Calcuate your chart With The Help Of Vedic Astrology Aswell As Cuspal Interlinks(Micro Astrology) To Find Out And Calcuate Valid Predictions for your Future & Abt The Matters You Concern, I will give you effective and easy to follow Vastu, astrological and numerology advice, so as to awaken your luck, giving you get immediate relief from your concerns and worries in any aspect of your life
• Career & money in 2017 
• Love & Romance in 2017 
• Marriage prospects-Match Making & marital life in 2017 
• Health in 2017 Rupees 

•Life Predictions Special- Rupees 

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