September October 2017 Four Planets Together Quardcore Force-Astrological Predictions

Well After A Break Again I Am Writing Some Predictions In my free Timings Today Evening.According To Planetary Transit In The Month Of September-October Four To Five Planets Are Assembeling Together In The Sun Sign Leo. The Planets Assembeling Together Are Sun,Mercury,Mars,Venus And Moon Will Join These For A short Period Of Time In Spetember .
It Is Imp To Judge And To Calcuate The Effect Of This This Transit Because As Sun Mars Along With Mercury Can Make A Deadly Combination Sun Mars Are Super Malefic Planets Considered In Sarvatobhadra Chakra Application And Mercury With Malefic Will Provide Malefic Results Too ..
So Let Us Come To The Prediction Part And Calcuate The Possible Happenings Of Events During This Quardcore Combination .

This Combination Is not Prooving Good For France,Italy,Roumania,Alps & Tibet Like Countries And Mumbai City In India .

States In India Can Be Affected Are Andhra Pradesh , Bihar,Orrisa,Tripura ,Delhi And Madhya Pradesh.

Possible Events From date I Can Calcuate is from 14-09-2017 Till 11-11-2017 Can Proove Negetive For Rail Trafic ,Air Trafic ,And Road Traffic -Some Voilent Events Can Also Take Place During This Period Like Fire Accidents-Blasts-Minor Earthquakes-During This Period Some bollywood Star Can Be In Problem Specially Female -Peoples From Music Industry Will Be Also Effected During this Period -Rape Cases Will Increase During this Period Female Security Female Empowerment Will be In News …

Sun Mars Is Also In 6/8 Axis In The Sign Gemeni In The Month Of June July 2017 This Is Also verry Dangerous Situation Some Kind Of Blast Terror Attack Minor Quake Are Also on Cards .




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