Plan Your Buisness ,Plan Your Sucess By Best Astrological Guidance

Astrology helps a person to select the right business sector. Every person has an
area where he/she may be successful in terms of business. With the changes of economic
condition, a successful business man may fail due to bad time. But during this time
Astrology may guide us. It is quite true that technically there is no way to predict
the upcoming situation. But Astrology may help during this period. Business Astrology
is the only tool which provides the information through which you may predict the
future situations and you may prepare for the challenges much ahead than others.
It helps you to understand the opportunity that may come in the way of your life
and you will able to plan for the risks.

To make a successful business, the native should choose a business aligned with the lord of 7th house in horoscope. You need to know that your 7th house lord is. And what the most suitable area of business is.

As per Business Astrology, if 2nd House 6th House 10Th House & 11th House & 7th lord is strong, then it makes person a successful business man irrespective of the business line (Even though right path gives most positive result).

If there are planets on the 7th house, then those planets also need to be considered. Significant of good planets make lots of positive luck in the business. Where -as Bad planets (Those who are bad for the ascendant of the horoscope or who are enemy to the 7th lord) introduce negative lucks or negative constraints in the business against its success. If a business man starts losses after introducing a new person, then his/her birth chart must be verified with the factors.

It determines the time of birth of the business and the line of business. Line of business is the most important factor which also aligns with ruling planets. For example, if the planet for the business is Jupiter, then the best suitable lines are related to education, learning, astrology, financial guide, etc. Instead of these businesses, if real estate business is chosen, then it will be ruled by Saturn (Enemy of Jupiter). This will give adverse effect to the business and it will be a real difficult to gain success in longer term.

I have mentioned line of business several times, but what are they? Every planet rules over a metal, element, colour, stone, etc. He also rules over a line of business. Favourable planet gives more benefits in his favourable business line. There are big list of business categories. Lots of different line of business is getting introduced, which are also critical for us to determine the ruler.

Now Predicting your Buisness 

Questions Will Be Analysed Through Birth Chart By Appliying Both Vedic Kp And Advanced Kp Cuspalinterlinks Theories
A Horary Chart(Prashan Kundli) Also Will Be Constructed At the The Time Of Question & Time Before Predictions, Strength Of Lagna ,Lagna Lord Moon And Moon Position Will be Calcuated by All the Above Vedic And Other Advance kp Cuspalinterlinks Theories For More Accuracy Nd Detailed Reading to Get More And Better Aspects Related To The Specfic Questions

In Some Complex Charts Other Vedic Tools Like Sarvatobhadra Chakra,Kala Chakra,Will Be Used to Calcuate And To Crosscheck The Out Come Predictions Of The Asked Question

How to Pay
All The Payments Will Be Received in Advance For The Appointment For Ither Online,Email,Telephonic Or By Face To Face Meetings Through Netbanking ,Online Transfers ,Paypal,Paytm & Other E-payment Methords .
Bank And Other Account Details Will Be Provided on Demand To Make Payments

Where to visit
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183 Pocket 4 Sector 24 Rohini Delhi 110085, Near Delhi Public School
B-54 First Floor Yadav Market Nahar Pur Delhi 110085, Near Deepali Chowk M2k
Phone Numbers-+91 8860882932,7291032553
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If a person’s 7th house lord is weak or Mercury is weak, then you should use Business
Astrology remedies for them (like, colour, gem stones, etc.). If this is a small
business and it is related to a place, then business place should be correctly chosen
(as we have a Vaastu section covering this). You can -not control the birth time
of your baby, but if you are starting a new business then inauguration time should
be selected by an astrologer who has the knowledge of what we discussed above. If
there are problems in the running business, like loss, or some obstacles, then 7th
House needs to be analysed and the lord of 7th house , mercury, Mars should be analysed
with the current Planetary positions.





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